PSRSSTL members may seek a full refund of their member contributions, including interest earned, in the event of employment separation.

If an employee dies prior to retirement, a named beneficiary becomes entitled to a full refund of the member’s contributions, including interest earned.

Members may not seek a refund while actively employed with a PSRSSTL employer which means that partial or temporary refunds and the borrowing of member contributions are prohibited.

A refund of member contributions becomes payable after:

  • All member contributions are received by the Retirement System, AND
  • A member is separated or terminated from employment with a PSRSSTL employer.

If a member returns to work with ANY Retirement System employer prior to receiving a refund, no refund of contributions will be made and the employee will resume making contributions that will be added to the member account.

A member becomes vested in the Retirement System after earning 5 years of credited service; therefore, it is important for a member to note that all rights to membership and future benefits are forfeited after a refund has been paid out.

Employer Contributions become the property of the Retirement System to help fund pension benefits and are non-refundable.

For more information about refunds and other benefits of the Public School Retirement System of the City of St. Louis, please click here for the Member Handbook.