The secure way of getting your money on time!

Receiving a steady pension check is a great feeling. After putting in all those working years, it’s nice to go to the mailbox, open up an envelope and realize that the check inside is almost as good as cash… almost. There is nothing like having a feeling of secure income, but really, how secure is that envelope? In addition, there still remains the little chore of getting to the bank, standing in line, depositing the check, waiting for it to clear, and finally writing a personal check or filling out a withdrawal slip to get access to your cash. Why should it take this long to get YOUR MONEY?

PSRSSTL retired members need not burden themselves with the worry. There is a better way and it is Electronic Direct Deposit through your retirement system. With Direct Deposit, PSRSSTL, under strict security, electronically transfers your pension benefit directly from its banking account to your banking account. You only have to sign up once and it remains in effect as long as you desire. No more worries about traffic, long lines or late mail runs. Why wait when you can bank at the speed of light. Go Direct Deposit, the fastest and most secure way of getting your money on time. To obtain an application form, click here* or call (314) 534-7444 extension 3012 and let us help you Go Direct Deposit!