An eleven-member Board of Trustees is responsible for general administration of the Retirement System as well as investment of the System’s assets. Active Retirement System members elect five trustees: one administrator, two teachers, and two non-teachers. Retired members elect two trustees: one retired teacher and one retired non-teacher. Board of Education/St. Louis Public School appoints four trustees. Length of term of office is four years. The following individuals serve on the Public School Retirement System of the City of St. Louis Board of Trustees:

Elected by Active Members
Elected by Active Members Term Ends Trustee Representation
Bobbie Richardson 12/31/2017 Active Non-Teacher
Eural R. Thomas 12/31/2018 Active Non-Teacher
Paula Bentley 12/31/2019 Active Teacher
Yvette A. Levy (Vice-Chairman) 12/31/2019 Active Administrator
Sheila P. Goodwin 12/31/2020 Active Teacher
Elected by Retired Members
Elected by Retired Members Term Ends Trustee Representation
Louis C. Cross III 09/30/2019 Retired Teacher
Joseph Clark (Chairman) 09/30/2021 Retired Non-Teacher
SLPS/Board of Education Appointed
SLPS/Board of Education Appointed Term Ends Trustee Representation
Angela Banks 12/31/2017 SLPS Board of Education
Christina Cavazos Bennett 12/31/2018 SLPS Board of Education
Richard Sullivan 12/31/2019 SLPS Board of Education
Darnetta Clinkscale 12/31/2020 SLPS Board of Education